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We at e-Volve look for partners within the road safety at work industry to help with our mission statement of “Helping everyone get home to their families safely” One area that we find benefits our clients are gathering data to help assess the business and safety needs for their company.  With this in mind we have partnered up with Transpoco and who through there SynX product have produced the complete fleet management solution integrating fuel data, vehicle tracking, driver behaviour, fleet maintenance and walk around checks. Helping our clients get instant insights in to the status of their fleet and we then help them use the data to develop their business.

Transpoco history

Established since 2004, Transpoco is a leading provider of fleet telematics solutions.  In the industry for over a decade, the company commenced with GPS tracking and has expanded its capability by including driver style, fuel efficiency and field service management and a safer environment for drivers and road users. Thanks to our strong in-house research and development team and to our dedicated and highly trained technical support staff, we are proud to offer SynX: the total business solution for managing your fleet while cutting on global costs and taking care of the safety of your employees. SynX integrates driving style, fuel management and maintenance with any other aspect related to fleet operations.

With the help of SynX clients can use fleet data for crucial decision making and for driving their business forward. Location and GPS tracking data is cross-checked with fuel card data and with all the relevant and practical information coming from vehicles and converted into user-friendly reports, offering to businesses the complete control of their fleet.  SynX also provides insights on fleet safety by monitoring driver behaviour, with the aim of helping in fleet risk assessment and creating a safe driving culture within your business. The improvement of global fuel consumption and safety conditions through maintenance and full visibility of the fleet activity is also positively impacting on carbon footprint, insurance premiums and on the efficiency of the business itself

Complimentary fleet risk audit to identify areas where we can help to reduce risk and cost to your organization.
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