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At e-Volve training consultancy, we combine experience (our CPC trainers have been delivering CPC for many years) with a fresh approach to ensure your drivers are fully engaged and enjoying their training experience.

We cater for individual businesses who have enough drivers to do them as a standalone session (this needs to be at least 12 drivers), or we can put some drivers on a course and fill it with extra drivers on an individual basis.

Any of our courses can deliver at your premises if you have a suitable training room, or at one of our preferred venues across the UK.

In 2017 we will have the following courses available:

Drivers Hours:

A very popular course delivered many times to Kirklees Council to ensure all their staff have current CPC provision. Around 250 drivers put through for one client and overwhelmingly good feedback from drivers.

Vulnerable Road Users:

Our most popular course with drivers as it challenges their beliefs in a range of areas and helps update them in many areas to help them reduce dangerous situations and in turn collisions and injuries. Feedback and recommendation has been good and drivers have all said that the day has been far more enjoyable and informative than expected.

 Emergency First Aid:

As our trainers are qualified First Aid trainers we can offer a driver CPC Emergency First Aid course - what better advert for your company than to be able to offer First Aid at the roadside to the general public in the event of a crash?

Who is likely to be held up in a traffic queue or to witness a crash other than a truck or bus driver? Massive contribution from the company in terms of Corporate and Social Responsibility…

Customer Service:

In every business there is a requirement for higher levels of customer service. In this course we will be helping companies remind the drivers of their responsibilities to help satisfy customer needs and create loyalty by ensuring the standards expected from drivers are maintained.

Health and Safety:

Incorporating Vehicle Maintenance Checks, loading and loading bay health and safety, and banksman skills this course can offer all drivers extra skills and ensure driver responsibility is fully understood in order to minimise the traditional “well the mechanic said it had been checked” blame culture and ensure they take responsibility for their own actions. Reiterating loading and health and safety procedures and offering much misunderstood banksman skills can help prevent avoidable low speed crashes which although small are hugely expensive for companies.

Forklift CPC:

We will be looking to add a Forklift CPC course to help companies who have forklift training needs. To have drivers who can multitask and add to their skill base will only help companies and we want to be able to offer companies a fuller range of  courses.

Please contact us via the either by phone or email to register your interest and to ensure we can meet your needs

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