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Eco Driving

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Reducing Risk and Increasing Savings
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The return on investment for your organisation can be enormous and here at e-Volve we can offer you a turnkey solution to increasing fuel dependent economic savings, which not only reduce your carbon footprint but help maintain profits. We recommend the first step to eco- driving is a cost analysis which will will provide to you in our initial consultancy. The equation used is estimated savings achieved against overall delivery costs to include employee downtime while training.

The training will start with a short assessment drive over a set route to identify each driver’s fuel usage. These are then discussed and new techniques suggested with the advantages to each driver. A short demonstration drive, with commentary, by the trainer then follows to illustrate these advantages and help identify key risk areas and to introduce the practical benefits of fuel aware driving. Drivers are each given the opportunity to apply the new techniques with training tailored to achieve their personal and course objectives. The more practice a driver gets, the greater the possible fuel savings.

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