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For many line managers, health and safety paperwork only exists in case something goes wrong rather than to educate, inform and improve driver safety standards. Unfortunately, this can lead to a lack of accountability and responsibility from both the management and drivers, as the paperwork that sits in the filing cabinet or lies dormant on the hard drive has little value on a day-to-day basis.

The bottom line is, even if an organisation has all of the paperwork in place - risk assessments, driver training records, driving licence records, vehicle checks, telemetry data, it won’t stop a crash from happening, the only thing that can do it is us, people! It’s essential, therefore, for line managers to translate their behavioural safety skills towards fleet safety management. It may sound obvious, but for many managers under pressure to reach productivity and efficiency targets, driver and vehicle safety often gets compromised, or in some cases completely overlooked.

Workshop includes:

Why effective vehicle management is essential to protect colleagues, managers, customers and other road users.

Vehicle safety responsibilities

How your role is vital in delivering the safety message.

How you can influence safe driving behaviour.

How to conduct post incident investigations and interviews.

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