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Post Collision

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To understand the reasons behind and the purpose of collision investigation and how this fits within your organisation

To be able to analyse information and use it to establish facts and provide feedback that will enable positive behavioural change for all parties. We will explore the following:

The driver - were they fit, healthy and not tired or receiving medication? What hours had been worked that day or week?  Were there any personal issues that may have affected their concentration or decision making?

The vehicle - service history, maintenance, suitability for the task etc.

The road conditions - congestion, time allocated for the journey, weather etc.

The trainer then reviews the circumstances leading up to the incident and if feasible will retrace the route taken to analyse what went wrong, what the driver might have been able to anticipate and what the driver's best course of action would have been to avoid being involved in the incident.

As you are well aware even the slightest of incidents are an administrative headache, but here at e-Volve we can remove those complications for you and use the incident to better use.
We have the skills and experience to take over the subsequent administration, make you legally compliant, provide an enhanced training model and deliver that training.

If you are working on a post collision scenario right now and unsure of the right steps to take, contact us now.

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